Release Notes

0.4.1 Release Notes:

  • When attempting to run without 64-bit Java, you should
    be directed to the Java download site automatically.
  • YouTube chat's two-factor login issue fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with token expiration

0.4.0 Release Notes:

  • Our UI has been completely redesigned!
  • Better handling of expired authentication tokens
  • Various bug fixes
  • Click on George's face, see what happens!

0.3.2 Release Notes:

  • Fixed issue where Twitter media wasn't pulled after starting

0.3.1 Release Notes:

  • Added ability to close the alert window
  • Added popup to display release notes when updated
  • Added fix to clear out expired auth tokens
  • Added various UI refresh fixes
  • Fixed issue where tweets stayed active when feed was turned off

0.3.0 Release Notes:

  • Added auto updating so users no longer need to re-download a new version every month
  • Once and Done feature added to only show cards once
  • Added "zero states" to explain why media isn't showing up
  • Increased scroll speeds in the tabs/settings
  • Updated our use of the Twitter API to avoid rate limits

0.2.1 Release Notes:

  • Fixed issue where Youtube wouldn't allow users to access their chats due to an old browser version
  • Fixed issue where time server validation would cause the app to crash
  • Fixed rare issue where the broadcast id file would become corrupt causing the app to crash
  • Fixed issue where profanity filter wouldn't work if the word ended in punctuation
  • Added log files to help debug future issues

0.2.0 Release Notes:

  • Now using official embedded Twitch chat
  • Added support for Youtube chat
  • Twitter favorite and retweet counts shown in the main ui
  • Facebook like and share counts shown in the main ui
  • Profile pictures shown in the Twitter and Facebook main ui
  • Profile pictures now show if images are allowed and no image is present
  • Ability to pull from up to 5 Twitter hash tags
  • Ability to pull from up to 5 Facebook pages
  • Ability to pull from up to 5 Instagram media tags
  • Added abiltiy to customize notification card background colors
  • Added ability to customize notification card font, font size, and color
  • Added support for larger images in notificiation cards
  • Added support image alignment in notificiation cards
  • The main ui now updates properly at the end of the progress bar
  • Profanity filter updates
  • Added new card transitions