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Documentation for YouTube Users

When logging into the YouTube Gaming chat, anyone with 2 factor on will get the prompt to "accept" the login request on their phone. The in app browser, when the accept button is hit on the phone, doesn't get the callback from the accept - so they will just sit there.

What they can do is underneath the 2 factor/phone message is a link to Login through other methods. There should be a "receive code via text" method.

I'd document the work around - or make the browser compatible with the 2 factor response 🙂 You guys rock. Keep up the great work.

Hey Dawgeth -

I hope all is well! We have had this issue on the tracker for some time thanks to your finding. The latest update 0.4.1 should fix this issue. If you happen to give a try, let us know if it works for you.

Thanks again!